March 3rd, 2007


10th Doctor and Rose

Hi guys,

I've only recently joined this community and have been spending the last week planning some Dr and Rose music videos. The only problem is even though I have the dvd's it's really too much trouble to rip from the dvd's to get clips. Can anyone recommend somewhere that I can get clips? Or whether or not you think I'm better off just ripping from the dvds?

Thanks in advance,

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Don’t you know he is, some kind of wonderful, yes he is

Author: bibi_luvs_house 
Characters/pairings: Tenth Doctor/Rose
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None but you can assume it takes place during series 2
Word count: 347
Summary: Shaking her head, she tried to find him, spotting him at a buffet to her left, piling his plate with an assortment of foods including… bananas.
A/N: For </a></b></a>jeonggam, Prompt “casino”. Title taken from ‘Some kind of wonderful’ by Joss Stone.

I want so much to open your eyes, cause I need you to look into mine )