January 12th, 2010

"My planet is far away and long since gone..."

Hello, everyone!
My first post here. About time =)

As much as "End of Time" crushed me, it also really inspired me.

So - besides working on a Ten(ish)/Rose AU-Fanfiction - I made some artwork.

I have some older Icons I made (mostly S2) already posted to my Journal. If you'd like to see them, just let me know =)
Comments are love <333
Please credit if using ;-)

Billie Piper (2)
David Tennant (2)
Doctor Who (10 - 4 from 2 manips)

Ten/Rose or David/Billie (from a manip)

Titel: Chariots of Fire
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: The Doctor & Rose
Summary : Basically a collection of their greatest moments with a nice upbeat song... Oooh David ;__; (obviously the cheering up didn't work that well...)



More icons and the video (and comments) HERE at my Journal <333