February 25th, 2010

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Fangirl POV Picspam: Fires of Pompeii - Part 5

I had the text for this written for awhile but… well, that was two months ago. I'll give no excuses but will instead attempt to make amends for my lack of picspams by making this one incredibly epic. promising to make an eventual picspam very epic.

As far as continued plot, we're still towards the beginning of the episode and right after the Doctor and Donna have a match over who is in charge (always the Doctor).

And I'm extremely excited, because I leave for Gallifrey One very soon today. I look forward to trying to meet people and have fun. (meaning try to flirt with people and getting very drunk)

( Ten will always be My Doctor and Fires of Pompeii is an episode that reminds me why. )

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