and then the fireworks happened ☼ carina (boxed) wrote in 10thdoctor,
and then the fireworks happened ☼ carina

Dust to Dust (An Orchestral Anthology of the Tenth Doctor)

A foreign, familiar constant of the universe, bending with time, scattered in other whens and wheres like stardust across the galaxies. He is close with Death, and it follows gently in his wake, as it has always done. Centuries of life and loves and planets and knowledge are held, barely contained, within his changing frame. He is solitary, but almost never alone. The Doctor; the last of the Time Lords, a proud people outside of time who remain casualties of a devastating war. This is everything which encompasses his newest regeneration; his tenth body. Sweet, desperate violins entwine with haunting piano, which flows into loose beats and the static sounds of the guitar. Each song lets a facet of him show, from the loss of his planet, his self, and the slow struggle of realizing that though he is the last, he doesn't have to remain alone. And it does all of this without words -- welcome to an orchestral anthology of the Doctor.

Here at timeisfiction. :)
Tags: fanmix

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