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Scifiangel Loving Rose (Ten/Rose, Tenn II/Rose) [Adult-NSFW]

Title Loving Rose
Artist: scifiangel
Pairing: Ten/Rose, Tenn II/Rose
Rating: Adult-NSFW!
Warnings and Spoilers: Panties and mild nudity
Disclaimer: I don't own our lovely boys. They belong to the BBC. I make no money from this, much to my sorrow. Full disclaimer under cut.

Summary: Some Ten/Rose and Ten II/Rose loving.

Author's notes: I made the Ten/Rose one for Valentine's Day but had it with a heart background. I took the original and one I just made of Ten II/Rose and ran them through some filters like: watercolor, puzzle, oil painting, etc. Feel free to snag with credit and if it inspires fic, send me a link so I can read it. Enjoy!

Loving Rose

Scifiangel on horse

Scifiangel Xmas Crack (Ten/Master) [Teen]

Not sure where this one came from. My bunnies must have been smoking something funny.

Title: Xmas Crack
Author: Scifiangel
Beta: None-All mistakes are mine.
Pairing: Ten/Simm-Master
Rating: Teen-pictures are canon, but captions are racy crack.
Warnings and Spoilers: None, except Snort warning! Put the drink down first!
Disclaimer: I don't own our lovely boys. They belong to the BBC. I make no money from this, much to my sorrow. Full disclaimer under cut.

Summary: Pure crack!

Author's notes: I'm serious-Put the drink down!

Xmas Crack


Overcoming the Past (And the Future. And, If There’s Time, the Present)

Fandoms: Torchwood and Doctor Who
Rating: PG
Characters/pairings: Jack/Ianto/Doctor (I thought it was Eleven, but now that I look over it, it might be Ten… how is it that I don’t know this?! Read it as you wish.), Martha and Surprise guest!
Warnings (including spoilers): No warnings, spoilers listed at story.
Wordcount: 2,276 words.
Summary: I'm not quite sure how, but I've somehow ended up as the on-call couple's counselor to the most infuriating three-person couple you could imagine.

One Times Infinity - Chapter 12 (10/Rose AU PG-13 fic)

Title: One Times Infinity
Author: darkbunnyrabbit
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Anything up to Doomsday, There will occasionally be canon elements included from any aired episode of Torchwood or Doctor Who, however.
Pairings: Doc/Rose, Rose/Jack
Characters: 10, Rose
Warnings: Flippantly AU
Genre: Adventure, Romance
Summary: The walls between universes are more fragile than they seem. Once again it falls to the Doctor to save more than one universe...but can he fight what he wants the most? And who is this unseen enemy? A post-Doomsday reunion, of sorts.

Previous Chapters


"Sometimes...a volcano is meant to destroy a city of innocent people and no one can stop it, and sometimes that volcano doesn't and an entire race is wiped out because of it. And sometimes the race that destroys them has to stay. That's how parallel realities work."
Doctor, Rose Tyler

The Light of the Moons - Chapter 1

Originally posted by whosintheattic at The Light of the Moons - Chapter 1
Light of the Moons ArtTitle: The Light of the Moons
Author: whosintheattic
Beta: DavidTennantsTrainers
Chapter: 1/4
Rating: T
Characters: Tenth Doctor and Original Character
Spoilers: Doctor Who up until The End of Time [stop reading now, because the the Author's Notes have spoilers too].
Summary: Three years after the events of Journey's End, the Doctor meets Sara Parker while investigating a wave of disappearances on a university campus in America. After rescuing her from the clutches of danger, the two set out for Fentiern, a three-mooned planet in serious need of help.
Authors Notes: This goes AU after Waters of Mars and sticks to canon as much as possible other than the death prophecies throughout series four, the specials, and whatever I might get wrong due to lack of familiarity with Classic Who.

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Title: Caring for a Drunken Time Lord
Author: scifiangel
Beta: jer832
Challenge: Summer/Winter Holidays 4: The Touring Edition
Prompt: Sabjan, Era of the Seventh Matriarch, Joyful Alley, distilleries
Pairing: Jack/Ten, Jack/Eleven
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own our lovely boys. They belong to the BBC. I make no money from this, much to my sorrow. Full disclaimer under cut.
Summary: Something is wrong with the Doctor, but he won't talk to Jack about it. The Captain forms a plan to loosen his tongue.

Author's Notes: This story takes place in that time after Waters of Mars and before End of Time.

Drunken Time Lord

Doctor/Rose - Forever love

Something Different (Metacrisis Doctor/Rose PG fic)

Title: Something Different
Author: darkbunnyrabbit
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Some unspecific spoilers for season 6 (If you've seen A Good Man Goes to War, you're good.)
Pairings: Meta/Rose, theoretical hints of Eleven/Rose?
Characters: Eleven, Rose, Metacrisis Doctor
Warnings: Silliness
Genre: Gen, crack and/or fluff
Summary: Rose and the Metacrisis Doctor stumble across a multiversal rift. They make the Doctor surprisingly uncomfortable. Rose and the Metacrisis Doctor aren't particularly amused.

(He kept staring at them.)