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10th Doctor

All Tenth Doctor, all the time!!!
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This community is for all Doctor Who fans that love the Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant.

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Do you love the new series of Doctor Who?
Do you adore watching David Tennant?
Do you spend far too much of your time making icons, fan vids, writing fanfic, and generally obsessing over The Doctor's tenth incarnation?

Then you've come to the right place!!! This community is for everyone and anyone who loves the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant). Posts that include episode discussion, fan-fiction, fan-art, etc.. are all welcome here. ** The only requirement I have is that your post must focus in some way on the Tenth Doctor or David Tennant (in the context of his role as the tenth Doctor). ** Other than that, happy posting!!



*Please note that ignorance of the rules is not an acceptable excuse for breaking a rule, so please do glance through these before posting!*

1. No flaming of others, no attacks. Violators will be exterminated! We're here for fun, it should never get that serious. While disagreements with opinions are certainly allowed, please be respectful.

2. All fics, icons, wallpapers, & fan vids should focus on the Tenth Doctor (ie. gen Ten, Ten/Rose, Ten/Martha, Ten/Donna, Ten/Sarah Jane Smith, Ten/Jack, etc... ). All fic posts must include Ratings with the summary visible to everyone and the story behind a cut! Icon posts can include 3 preview icons before the cut tag.

3. Topics of discussion may include David Tennant's Doctor and anyone he's traveled with or met along the way, current series spoilers/reviews/speculation, and related Doctor Who news.

4. Ship-wars (i.e. Ten/Rose vs. Ten/Martha), theft of any type of creative material, fighting, and/or character-bashing are very much NOT tolerated in this community. You will only be warned once.

5. LJ-Cuts are a requirement for: lengthy posts, all fics, SPOILERS (important!), adults-only material, large graphics/screencaps, and icon posts.

6. SPOILERS: This would be considered any news, images, video, etc. pertaining to episodes that have not aired in both the U.S. and the U.K. This would also include casting info.

7. Discussion, vids, graphics, etc. surrounding David Tennants other works (i.e. Blackpool, Casanova, Harry Potter, etc.), or his personal life should not be discussed in this community. This comm is ONLY for David Tennant in the context of his role as the Tenth Doctor.

8. Please do not promote another community/site without first contacting a mod for permission!

9. Due to copyright issues, I am asking that stores selling Doctor Who related material are not advertised at this community unless they are officially licensed by the BBC.

10. Please attempt to TAG all of your posts so that people can sort through them easier and include SUBJECTS. Used tags will be listed in the sidebar on the left side of the page so that we can all try to use the same ones and keep things neater all around! Thanks *g*

11. If you will be discussing the sharing of files (of any type) in your post, please friends-lock it for security and safety purposes!

12. Please try to refrain from using netspeak in this community (i.e. Can u fix this img 4 me, pls! Thx!!). It's hard to read and most people don't appreciate it. Thanks for your cooperation.