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Intimate Hugs-sepiatone

Scifiangel Mid-night Embrace-manips and icons (Jack/Ten) [PG-13, Teen]

Title: Mid-Night Embrace
Artist: Scifiangel
Challenge: Love
Pairing: Jack/Ten
Rating: PG-13, Teen
Disclaimer: I don't own our lovely boys. They belong to the BBC. I make no money from this, much to my sorrow.

They where having a Love Challenge over at Winter Companions, which is a Doctor/Jack Whovian Prompt LJ site. I really love how these turned out. I think it's one of my best. I just can't decide which one I like best as they all turned out so well.

Jack and Ten are hugging naked up against the TARDIS, but it's only from the waist up. Feel free to snag with credit. Enjoy.

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Scifiangel, Ten-Jack manips Not Work Safe!

After last weeks new Torchwood my art muses went a bit crazed. They've kept me up nights and used up most of my free time this last week creating. If you missed last weeks Torchwood, boy did you miss a hot and steamy show! These next manips are mostly taken from that show. With Ten added of course.

I don't often say this, but I made too many to post in one post. I'm going to post the basic manips and the variations today and the icons and gifs (yes, I said gifs. My First!) tomorrow.

To save room on the post I'm shrinking the wallpapers down, but they can be full size if you click on them. I ask that you Do Not make any Icons out of the first manip (the one with Jack in bed with the join-me look) as I'd really like to have one that is just mine. I hope you enjoy them. Drop me a note as I have to work most of the day.

Here is a preview:

Jack/Ten over here

Scifiangel on horse

Scifiangel (Jack/Ten manips) [Adult- to be safe]

I've been working on the following pictures since that new Torchwood episode where Jack picks up a bartender to sleep with. (If you haven't seen it, you are missing out!)

I thought I'd post it a little differently this time. I'm going to give you the finished works first and then the step-by-step. These are SO NOT WORK SAFE! Also, Major snort warning!

Naked Men Over Here
Scifiangel on horse

Scifiangel My Angel [Ten II / Rose] (M, Adult) & Manip

Title: My Angel
Author: Scifiangel
Beta: None, all mistakes are mine.
Pairing: Ten II/Rose
Rating: M, Adult
Warnings and Spoilers: Manip is not work safe! Knowledge of the events in Journeys End needed.
Disclaimer: I don't own our lovely boys. They belong to the BBC. I make no money from this, much to my sorrow. Full disclaimer under cut.

Summary: Double drabble & manip

Author's notes: I made a photo manip of Ten/Jack last week and I decided to put Rose in it for those friends of mine that like het. I finished it, then in the middle of the night my plot bunnies returned from their hiatus and attacked me. Forcing me to get up and write the following. I hope you enjoy it.


Ten II/Rose over here
Scifiangel on horse

Lots and Lots of lovely DT to stare at!

I finally have some time off from work! Yeah! I've been working on several manips for weeks now in my few-and-far-between off time. One of Ten and one of Doctor/Jack. I finally finish them last night. I've also included several other pix I've enhances a bit and LOTS of photos of David that I turned into sketches using a photo manip site. Some of him as the Doctor and some in other rolls. Enjoy!

Here is a preview:

Gorgeous DT over Here
10 animated

multi-fandom banner/header post

banner/header (+ background images):

02 BtvS/Angel: Buffy/Angel, Faith/Angel
01 Charmed: Piper/Phoebe/Paige
01 Criminal Minds: Spencer Reid
38 Crossover:
Bones/Fringe, BSG/SGA, BtvS/Criminal Minds, BtvS/Whoverse (some could also be seen as Dollhouse/Whoverse & BtvS/Dollhouse/Whoverse), BtvS/Whoverse/SPN, BtvS/SPN, BtvS/True Blood, BtvS/Twilight, Charmed/Harry Potter, Doctor Who/Fringe, Doctor Who/Harry Potter, Doctor Who/Primeval, Doctor Who/SPN, Doctor Who/Veronica Mars, LotS/LotR, LotS/SPN, OTH/SPN, Stargate/Torchwood, SPN/Veronica Mars, multiple crossovers
34 Whoverse: Mickey/Jack/Gwen/Martha, Jack/Martha, Jack/Ten, Jack/Rose, River/Eleven, River/Ten, Sarah Jane/Mickey/Jackie/Rose/Ten/Martha/Donna/Jack, Martha Jones, Amy/Rory, the Doctor: 9, 10, 9/10, 9/10/11, 9/11, 10/11, Martha/Doctor: Martha/9, Martha/10, Martha/11, Martha/Mickey, Sarah Jane Adventures cast, Clyde Langer, Luke Smith, Sarah Jane Smith, Rani Chandra
02 Fringe: Olivia, Peter
01 Harry Potter: Harry/Ginny
04 JAG: Mac/Catherine Bell
01 Leverage: Eliot
01 LotR: Legolas
01 Lost Girl: Kenzi
02 Primeval: Becker, Becker/Jess
01 Roswell: Liz
04 Stargateverse: Cam/TJ, Teyla/John
03 Supernatural: hunters, Dean/Sam
01 True Blood: Sookie/Eric


Sorry the teaser isn’t for this community’s fandom. It’s the only small one I have. All others are too big and need to be behind a cut.

Warning: image heavy!

(see them all here)

Scifiangel on horse

Icons galore!

I made a bunch of icons and banners in the last several days. I tried to do ones that were a little different. I'll post some more in a day or two. Feel free to snag them, but please leave a comment and let me know. And as always, give credit as some took me a while to make. Enjoy!

Here are some previews:

More Over Here
Sarah Lewis energy ball

Crossover & Doctor Who/Torchwood fanart

Some fanart that I made recently:

mini-banner/header (+ background image):
- Crossover: BtvS/SPN (Buffy/Dean), BtvS/True Blood (Buffy/Eric), BtvS/Twilight (Buffy/Jacob), Doctor Who/Supernatural (Martha/Dean, Rose/Sam, general shows), Doctor Who/Veronica Mars (10/Veronica, 11/Veronica), Harry Potter/Percy Jackson & the Olympians (Harry/Percy, Hermione/Percy), multiple

- Crossover: BtvS/Criminal Minds (Faith/Spencer), BtvS/SPN (Dawn/Sam), BtvS/Twilight (Buffy/Jacob), Charmed/Harry Potter (Prue/Sirius), Doctor Who/SGU (Jenny/Eli), Doctor Who/Torchwood/Supernatural (Jack/Dean, Rose/Sam, Martha/Dean), Harry Potter/Narnia (Harry/Ginny/Caspian), Harry Potter/Percy Jackson & the Olympians (Harry/Percy)
- Doctor Who/Torchwood: Jack/Rose, Martha/Jack/Rose, Martha/Rose

- Crossover: BtvS/LotS (Faith/Denna), Doctor Who/Merlin (Morgana/10)

(see it all here @ my journal)