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The Doctor's Detour (Doctor Who 1/?)

Title: The Doctor's Detour
Author: topgeargirl2
Characters: Ten, Captain Jack Harkness, Arthur Williams (OC), James Watson (OC) 
Rating: PG
Summary: While on a train to Cardiff, the Doctor meets a new companion and an old friend. But something or someone is killing off the passengers. Can the Doctor solve the mystery? 
A/N: Set after The Next Doctor, written in first person from the Doctor's point of view

The wind started to kick up as I stood the platform waiting for the train to Cardiff
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[02] - Catherine Tate
[05] - Freema Agyeman
[24] - Doctor Who (The Shakespeare Code, New Promos *SPOILERS IN CASTING FOR S4 FINALE*)
[01] - Ewan McGregor
[10] - Eva Green
[21] - Casino Royale
[01] - Mighty Boosh
[07] - A Streetcar Named Desire
[01] - Eva Green
[03] - Doctor Who (SPOILERS FOR S4 FINALE CASTING *Radio Times scans*)
[01] - Freema Agyeman
[01] - Doctor Who S4 Finale Cast Picture
[02] - Freema Agyeman

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Confidential discussion - 'Finale'

** All discussion of Confidential 2x13 can be found in this post **

Discussion of tonight's Confidential as well as speculation, rumors, and questions are all welcome so long as any comments about upcoming episodes of 'Doctor Who' (especially since the final episode is right around the corner) are kept to a minimum. Some of us are more spoiler-phobic than others and we want to keep this place safe for everyone *g* Thanks .. and once again - you all are fantastic!