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**MOD POST** Hello again!


Hi all... long time no see! I had taken a (very) extended absence from this community and left it in the capable hands of[info]nightsideslayer  ... but life has slowed down for me a bit and I've missed this place, so I'm back!

Just a few things I wanted to mention as I haven't been able to do any housekeeping in quite some time:

1) Please try to remember to TAG all of your posts. It keeps everything much more organized, and it is the best way that I know of to keep track of all the posts! All of the TAGs that have been used so far are listed to the left in the sidebar, so try to use those if you can. If nothing fits, you can always create a new one! Also, subject headings on all the posts are extremely helpful.

2) Also, I created another administrator email address for this community to replace the defunct one that has been listed until now. So, if you have any questions in the future, you can either contact myself or [info]nightsideslayer directly through LJ or you can send an email to 10thdoctor.lj@gmail.com. This can be used to request permission to advertise communities you create, to talk about any problems within the community, or to just ask general questions.

Thanks so much for reading and please let us know if y'all have anything you want changed around here!

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**MOD POST** Pre-Season Housekeeping

Hi all! It's been quite a while since I've made a community post and I figured now was probably a good time to do some general housekeeping. First of all, this place has gotten HUGE in the past few months, so before the new season begins I want to ask you all a few questions (I'd do a poll, but this is currently a free account *sigh*)

1) What is everyone's opinion as to how new episode discussions should be handled? Last season, I posted a separate discussion for the episode and for the Confidential... did that work well, or do you have any other thoughts about format, etc.?

2) Is there anything missing from this community that you'd like to see (within reason)? Do you want more focused discussions? Challenges? Something else? Feel free to suggest whatever comes to mind. I'm not around every day, but I do have two wonderful members helping me out now, so that should help! (Thanks to blaidd_wolf & nightsideslayer )

Finally... and I cannot stress this enough... if you have not read the rules... or if you haven't read them in quite some time, PLEASE, please, please read them and follow them as closely as possible. (For those who don't know, they are posted on the profile page.)

Thanks so much for making this a fantastic community!! I can't wait for the new season to start, and hopefully I'll get a chance to know some of you better!

(P.S. For curiosity's sake... what do you all think about what you've seen so far for the new season? Are you excited... anxious... wary... filled with dread... I want to know!)
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Moderators needed...

Hey all!! I know I've been quite absent as of late, but trust me when I say that I have not given up on this community. I'm in the process of transitioning to a new job (I start on Monday!!!!), so my personal life has taken up most of my time lately.

In order to help with some of that, I'm looking to take on two co-mods for this community. Your responsibilities would basically be helping to keep the peace, tagging user entries, making sure everyone's following the rules, answering questions, and introducing yourselves to newbies and making them feel welcome. I'm hoping that I can be around more in a couple of weeks, but I figured I should put this out there now so that I can get things rolling.

What I ask of you is that you have been moderator of a community before and that you are not currently moderating or co-modding more than 5 communities. Please reply below and let me know if you have any questions. Replies will be screened. Also, please note that my decisions will not be based on a "first come, first served" basis. I will probably make a decision by the end of the weekend, so please post before then. Thank you all so much for helping this to be such a great community!!!!
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I have been a bit absent as of late due to real life commitments and we have lots and lots of wonderful new members (waves to everyone), sooooooo.... I figured now is as good a time as any to review the rules, in case anyone's forgotten them or perhaps if you never saw them in the first place.


*Please note that ignorance of the rules is not an acceptable excuse for breaking a rule, so please do glance through these before posting!*

1. No flaming of others, no attacks. Violators will be exterminated. We're here for fun, it should never get that serious. While disagreements with opinions are certainly allowed, please be respectful.

2. All fics, icons, wallpapers, & fan vids should focus on the Tenth Doctor (ie. gen Ten, Ten/Rose, Ten/Martha, Ten/Reinette, Ten/Sarah Jane Smith, Ten slash, etc... ). All fic posts must include Ratings with the summary visible to everyone and the story behind a cut! Icon posts can include 3 preview icons before the cut tag.

3. Topics of discussion may include David Tennant's Doctor and anyone he's traveled with or met along the way, current series spoilers/reviews/speculation, and related Doctor Who news.

4. Ship-wars (i.e. Ten/Rose vs. Ten/Martha), theft of any type of creative material, fighting, and/or character-bashing are very much NOT tolerated in this community. You will only be warned once.

5. LJ-Cuts are a requirement for: lengthy posts, all fics, SPOILERS (important! - this includes any and all episodes from the 2nd season that have not aired in the U.S.), adults-only material, large graphics/screencaps, and icon posts.

6. Discussion, vids, graphics, etc. surrounding David Tennants other works (i.e. Blackpool, Casanova, Harry Potter, etc.), or his personal life should not be discussed in this community. This comm is ONLY for David Tennant in the context of his role as the Tenth Doctor.

7. Please do not promote another community/site without first contacting a mod for permission!

8. Please attempt to TAG all of your posts so that people can sort through them easier and include SUBJECTS. Used tags will be listed in the sidebar on the left side of the page so that we can all try to use the same ones and keep things neater all around! Thanks *g*

9. Please try to refrain from using netspeak in this community (i.e. Can u fix this img 4 me, pls! Thx!!). It's hard to read and most people don't appreciate it.

That is all!! Thanks for your cooperation and for making this such a fantastic community!!! Comments, complaints, and questions are always welcome, and if you'd rather keep it private - contact me at 10thdoctor at gmaildotcom *g*
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Two-month anniversary!!!

As of yesterday, this community has been running for 2 months! It's almost hard to believe that it's been that long! For anyone who's curious, I've got some random community stats to share:

So far, we've had 277 people join the community (4-5 new members per day), 182 posts, 358 comments, and added 5 affiliates. Not bad for two months.

So, here's where I start to wonder if there's anything I can be doing better. Do you think we should have regular weekly discussions/challenges/polls .... would you rather there be more moderators instead of just me .... do I make too many administrative/modly posts ... or is there something you've seen at other comms that you'd like to see around here? Feel free to let me know whatever's on you're mind... if you don't like something, I'd rather know about it, so don't worry about offending me ;) Of course, if you love everything about this community and just want to let me know - that's always nice too!! Comments will be screened just in case you don't want to share with the whole group *g*
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** MOD POST - Please Read!! **

** This post is for ALL members of this community **

First of all, let me just say that since I started this community almost 2 months ago, I have been absolutely thrilled with how well everyone has behaved. There have been no fights, everyone has been friendly and welcoming, and there has been very little (if any) wank.

As you may have noticed... I have had to delete a post by a member of this community this morning and I feel that I need to explain why I did so. Icon theft (or theft of any artistic material ... i.e.: fics and fanvids) is absolutely not allowed in this community. While I could've left the post up as a reminder to the individual responsible as well as everyone else, it was turning into a shouting match and I'd rather it not spiral out of control. I have made note, and I WILL take more permanent action if it happens again.

Please, please, please be respectful of other people's creativity. I love this comm and I want us all to get along and remember why we're all here in the first place. Borrowing ideas from people is okay, stealing someone's creation is not. Granted, we're all well aware that none of us owns this material, but everyone who makes icons, and writes fanfic, and creates videos puts a lot of effort in what they do and there's nothing worse than having someone take it from you.

Play nice... and hopefully I won't have to make a post like this again. Also, if you haven't already done so, I would ask that everyone read the rules on the info page. I want this community to be fun for everyone.... comments, criticism, and suggestions would be much appreciated. And, as always, if you have any concerns that you'd rather not address here, you can always reach me at 10thdoctor @ gmail.com // Thank you for reading!
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Quick modly poll....

ETA: Thanks to everyone who took the poll!! As the general consensus seems to be that the header should be changed and that it should focus mostly or entirely on the Tenth Doctor, that's what I'm going to do. However, because there's still many of us that are trying to recover from the finale (myself included), I'll probably leave the header as it is until late August. I want to change it before the first weekend in September as I'll be out of town and it just seems like a good time to do it. Thanks again for the input!! *g*

Poll #771410 Community layout poll...

This is something I've been thinking about alot since last week, and I'd adore it if you all could give me some input *g*Should I change the community's header graphic now that Billie is gone?

Yes, and it should focus mostly on the 10th Doctor.
Yes... it should be a picture of Martha with the Doctor.
Yes, maybe with Rose, Sarah Jane, and Martha.
No. I like it the way it is... change is bad.
Other (specify in comments below...)
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Just a little housekeeping...

*** Please Read ***

Well, it's been a while since I've made any real modly-type posts around here and since we've now jumped to over 200 members, I thought it would be a good idea to remind people of a few simple rules AND ask for some input ;) *g*

Everyone has been absolutely wonderful so far, but the one major thing I've been having trouble with is keeping up with TAGS. Please, please, please try to TAG all of your posts. It keeps everything so wonderfully organized, and it really is the best way to keep track of all the posts! All of the TAGs that have been used so far are in the sidebar, so try to use one of those if you can. If nothing fits, you can always create a new one! Also, subject headings on all the posts are extremely helpful.

Now, onto the other reason for this post. I want feedback. What's working around here, what isn't, and most importantly - what do you want to see here that we haven't been doing? The end of the current season is coming very soon, and I'd love to keep this place active over the summer so we all don't go crazy waiting for the next season to roll around *g* Comments would be much adored but you can also email me at 10thdoctor @ gmail.com if you'd rather keep it private!! Thanks *g*
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DW Communities Masterlist....

Just a little bit of an off-topic post, please pardon the interruption *g* Have you ever created something for the Doctor Who fandom (icons, fics, vids, etc.) that just doesn't seem to fit on this community, but you desperately want to share them? Well... the wonderful doyle_sb4 over at who_otp has compiled a rather extensive list of Doctor Who communities on LJ. There's sections for ship-specific, era-specific,  and character-specific comms and much more. So, if you haven't given it a look yet, here's the link:

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Anyone interested in a challenge?

Hey all!! I was thinking today about other things we could do at this community to get everyone involved and I had the idea of a 'weekly thematic multimedia challenge'. Here's what I was thinking... I (or other people in the comm) could decide on a theme for the challenge each Sunday, and then during the week, anyone who wanted to join in could make icons, vids, fanart, fanfics, etc. all focused on that week's theme. It would be more of a fun thing, kind of like a way to spark your creativity (similar to comms that give people prompts for fics each week), than a contest. I don't think I'd want voting or anything like that. I just figured I'd ask you all if you were interested before I went ahead with anything. I'm open to suggestions of how you'd like things done, too ... just drop a comment below *g*

** ETA: And here's where I sound like a big broken record... please, if at all possible, try to TAG all of your posts... I really want to keep things as organized as possible for anyone who happens to stumble in here for the first time wondering what they've missed *g* Thank you!!! **