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Doctor Who Icons - New Earth - David Tennant and Billie Piper

Here is my second installment of Doctor Icons! I would like to clearify that they aren't 'artistic', really, just PB-type icons. Really, this whole thing started with me wanting some icons of DT in a leather jacket for my PB, and then...well...I got obsessed. ANYWAY! This time it's of New Earth, and I have even more (seriously...its insane)! Here are 277 Icons of The Doctor! (Some feature Cats and the Face of Boe!) Enjoy. :)


The Doctor and all His Yummy-ness

AAAANNNNND! Let's not forget about the Doctor/Rose Icons! (Omg, Yeah, I need a new hobby) Here are 74 icons just for you! I'm actually planning on doing a Rose set later on, but I want to cover both seasons, and I think it'll be a bit much for me to handle right now.


The Doctor and His Rose

Don't forget to credit to either queen_morgana or art_of_morgana!

P.S: The icons were made from caps from www.in-a-dream.com

An Animation

I've been rewatching Doctor Who on DVD for the past couple of days and I've decided to make some animations. This is only the first one I've done so far, and I know that technically, it's not Rose who is kissing the Doctor, but I just couldn't resist. =]

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[edit: the icon you requested is here too.][it's not great though] :[