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Pairings Booth results for October

Before the results I have to bring up the annoying subject of Cheating. I have no control over the booth to deter bogus votes as its run by Funvote – so I rely on your honesty. I’ve had a few reports of very suspicious voting patterns going on so I have to plea to you...

Please. Don’t. Cheat.

It mucks it up for others and taints the otherwise niceness of the booths.


And on to the results...
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Pairings Booth results for September

Torchwood booth:

1. Jack/Ianto with 6608 Votes
2. Jack/Captain Jack with 3838 Votes
3. Ianto/Owen with 2306 Votes
4. Ianto/Tosh with 1679 Votes
5. Jack/Estelle with 1158 Votes
6. Jack/Hand with 953 Votes
7. Owen/Tosh with 836 Votes
8. Jack/Tosh with 808 Votes
9. Hand/Mitten with 785 Votes
10. Owen/Diane with 741 Votes

(Lots more Ianto in the top 5 than usual and the ‘Get Gwen out of the top ten’ campaign has finally gotten there! Jack/Estelle has gone up another 2 places after its surprise entry last month and Owen/Diane has made it into the top ten! The booth had 21934 votes in total.)

So everything’s now been reset… off you go and start voting again!!
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Half way through July Results post for the Voting Booths:

New Who Voting booth:

(See the results here)

Three new additions are Suzie/Mitten, Ten/Boe and Martha/Tom Milligan. Don't forget if you have any thoughts or if you want a pairing added just ask in a comment here.

To celebrate the fact that I'm happily watching the Doctor Who weekend on UKTVDrama I'm setting all the booths so you can vote once every 10 minutes!

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Here you are, as promised (though a bit late - this one took a lot of doing) a Doctor Who pairings voting booth in the same style as the Torchwood one. This one is just for the last three series of doctor Who and a Classic one is on the way to satisfy the rest of you!

It's been beta tested for about a week now so should be glitch free. If you have any pairings added simply let me know and I'll get onto it ASAP.

As a thank-you to everyone who's participated so far this booth and the Torchwood one are on blue ribbon days! For the next 24 hours you may vote every 15 minutes so enjoy.

And don't forget to spread the word ;)
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A Wee bit of Fun: Also known as a POLL!! YAY!

Hey everyone!
I have been watching (or rather re-watching) the second season of Doctor Who with our favorite doctor (well at least for me he's my favorite :D)! And I wondered which of all these fantastic episodes was your favorite! And feel free to put why it is your favorite one (because I always love reasons) in a comment!

Enjoy! :D

Poll #856532 Favorite Doctor Who Episodes From Season 2

Which is your favorite Doctor Who Episode from 2006 with the fantastic 10th Doctor?

New Earth
Tooth and Claw
School Reunion
The Girl in the Fireplace
Rise of the Cybermen
The Age of Steel
The Idiot's Lantern
The Impossible Planet
The Satan Pit
Love & Monsters
Fear Her
Army of Ghosts
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