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The Light of the Moons - Chapter 1

Originally posted by whosintheattic at The Light of the Moons - Chapter 1
Light of the Moons ArtTitle: The Light of the Moons
Author: whosintheattic
Beta: DavidTennantsTrainers
Chapter: 1/4
Rating: T
Characters: Tenth Doctor and Original Character
Spoilers: Doctor Who up until The End of Time [stop reading now, because the the Author's Notes have spoilers too].
Summary: Three years after the events of Journey's End, the Doctor meets Sara Parker while investigating a wave of disappearances on a university campus in America. After rescuing her from the clutches of danger, the two set out for Fentiern, a three-mooned planet in serious need of help.
Authors Notes: This goes AU after Waters of Mars and sticks to canon as much as possible other than the death prophecies throughout series four, the specials, and whatever I might get wrong due to lack of familiarity with Classic Who.

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An Animation

I've been rewatching Doctor Who on DVD for the past couple of days and I've decided to make some animations. This is only the first one I've done so far, and I know that technically, it's not Rose who is kissing the Doctor, but I just couldn't resist. =]

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[edit: the icon you requested is here too.][it's not great though] :[