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64 Doctor Who icons. As a part is about Waters of Mars, I did 2 cut so that you can click on the second cut and don't be spoiled if you haven't seen the Special yet.
26 Waters of Mars
38 others (mostly The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit)

here for Waters of Mars here for the others @ awayfr0mthesun

Ive also done screencaps of Waters of Mars, The End of Time trailer and David Tennant clip for Children in Need. They are all here
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Rose Wallpaper and icons

So, I've been playing around with Photoshop again since I'm trying to learn it's quirks and I wanted to prove to myself whether or not I am still able to make wallpapers, lol. You make icons for so long and you start to think that you can no longer design anything bigger than a 100x100 square! Anywho... all of that intro is to say that I have some pretty art to share. This time it focuses solely on Rose:

Jeremy - wine face


Ok so I made some more icons, just eleven, all bases courtesy of quarkz *hugs*

Slightly spoilerific for The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit. Not much. But had better warn you.

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If anyone has any requests for modifications of captions, please let me know, I will be happy to oblige :)
Crediting if lovely.
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As usual, X-posted everywhere. Many repeats. MWAHAHAH YOU CAN"T ESCAPE ME NOW


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Icons from 'The Satan Pit' **spoilers**

There are 40 in this set and 2 extras at the end of the post that I was just playing around with. You can feel free to add text to the first 40, but do not alter the icons in any other way, and please comment and credit if you take any as the coloring, cropping, and sharpening took quite a bit of effort. Thank you!!! 
(( p.s. you might notice that I have not made any icons of the beast... quite simply, because he creeps me right the frick out, lmao )) Previews below:


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'The Satan Pit' discussion thread...

** All discussion of 'The Satan Pit' can be found in this post **

Just a couple of reminders:

1) If you would rather link to your own journal instead of adding to the discussion here, I would prefer that you would not make a separate post. Just post a comment in the general discussion thread letting everyone know where to go to see your thoughts on the episode.  *g*

2) Pre-episode discussion is always welcome (i.e. speculation, thoughts, etc.), but please try to keep spoilers to a minimum until the episode has finished airing and do not discuss the preview that airs after each episode as it will most likely contain spoilers that some people do not want to hear about.

Other than that... happy posting!! And if you have any questions or thoughts about how this is being handled.. please let me know!! Cheers!